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Kindle Version of Global Climate Change, the Bible, & Science:    $6.99


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Global Climate Change, the Bible, & Science, by Dennis R. Dinger, 2010.

    This book is Dennis Dinger's contribution to the global climate change debate.  Dennis is an Emeritus Professor of Ceramic and Materials Engineering at Clemson University.  He has taught industrial fuels and combustion to engineers since the late 1970s.  No one asked for his opinions regarding this debate, so he has undertaken to write this book "to get his 2 cents into the conversation."

    In addition to being an emeritus professor, Dennis is a Christian.  Prior to the study that led to this book, if someone had asked him what the Bible had to say about global warming, his answer would have been, "Nothing."  But when he decided to undertake a study to answer that question, he learned that the Bible has quite a lot to say about the subject.  The three major points that summarize the Bible on this subject are:

(1)  God created the heavens and the earth.  Specifically, He created the earth to be inhabited.

(2)  God controls and maintains the various phenomena required for proper function of the heavens and the earth.

(3)  God controls the wind and the rain.  This means God controls the weather.  He controls storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, hail, snow, rain, lack of rain (droughts), etc.  Indirectly, He controls whether crops flourish or die.  

     Scientists wanting to use computer models to predict climate should have functions in their models to account for God's control.  But we don't know the mind of the Lord.  He simply is not predictable by mankind.  "For who hath known the mind of the Lord?" 

     A Professor of Atmospheric Science at an American university recently asked the question, "Can we predict the climate 10 to 50 years from now?"  His conclusion was, "No, we cannot."

     Dinger also taught process control throughout his tenure at Clemson University.  Self-regulated processes (such as our weather systems) need no man-made controls to function properly.  But those who wish to build climate models must understand and include the equivalent of process control loops in their models to properly simulate the weather's self-regulated behaviors.  They need to accurately account for the details of such self-regulated processes as rain, wind, and weather.  One chapter discusses control loops and problems that occur when controller variables are not adjusted properly.

     Within Dinger's industrial combustion classes, students learned how to calculate flame temperatures and heating processes.  They studied the composition of air and calculated flame and flue temperatures as well as furnace temperatures in a variety of heating processes.  Drawing on some of these calculations, Dinger shows the significance of the 0.039% carbon dioxide concentration in air on the global warming process.  Carbon dioxide is a relatively minor contributor to the temperature of the air.  The major contributor to earth's air temperatures is the liquid water to water vapor transition.  The specific label for this phenomena is "latent heat."  How many times have we heard that expression used in the global warming debate?  The mention of it here is probably the first time you heard it.  And it is responsible for soaking up vast quantities of solar radiation.  Why aren't others discussing latent heats?

     According to the fanatics, we are to believe that carbon dioxide is the guilty party in global warming.  It is not.  Water is.  We need water for life;  there's nothing we can do about water;  so we blame carbon dioxide for all the perceived problems.  But we need carbon dioxide for life, too.  In fact, there is a major balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide in the life on this planet.  Humans and animals inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.  Plants use carbon dioxide in photosynthesis and return oxygen to the atmosphere.  It is a gigantic system that is naturally in balance.

     Do we really want to try to alter the oxygen/carbon dioxide balance in our atmosphere?  Dinger doesn't think we should be attempting any such controls.  Mankind doesn't understand the grand picture --- so the best we can do is mess everything up.  

     We shouldn't be attempting to remove carbon dioxide from the air.  After all, if coal comes from compacted vegetation, then in its original forms, the coal comes from airborne carbon dioxide.  To burn coal is to return that carbon dioxide to the air from whence it came.  Mankind simply doesn't understand the intricacies involved in the world's weather systems and in these naturally balanced cycles.  

     And if God is in control of the weather as the Bible says He is, to attempt to control carbon dioxide emissions is to fight against God and His own natural controls.  Do we really want to be fighting directly with God in an area of His control?  I don't think we want to do that.  It is well beyond mankind's abilities and understanding.  To think otherwise is arrogance on man's part.